A.M. Ventures EOI Approved
The Government has approved the construction of a 2.2 megawatts hydroelectric power generation plant on River Kapkateny on the slopes of Mt Elgon in Bungoma County.
ABE Chili Pepper Cultivation
Through its agricultural subsidiary, A.M. Kilimo, A.M. Ventures has launched its agricultural enterprise in Baolala in rural Malindi. A.M. Ventures aims to contribute to Kenya’s national food security...
As the Kenyan population continues its rapid growth, there is an increased demand for food, but most parts of the country face food insecurity. Kenya needs to increase its food production utilizing technology and modern farming methods to meet food demands now and in the future.

A.M. Ventures has purchased and continues to purchase land for commercial cultivation of maize, beans, sugarcane and horticultural crops, in addition to land for raising cattle and goats to provide milk and meat. Our company will use technology and modern farming techniques to ensure robust and perennial agricultural and dairy production.

Our company’s agricultural projects will also be an effective way of engaging and empowering women, especially in rural areas. Educated and politically empowered women are the foundation of strong families and sustainable communities. Economically, women play important roles as producers of food, as income earners, and as caretakers of household food and nutrition security.

A.M. Ventures will work with other agencies and international organizations to ensure that women get the same access to physical, agricultural, financial and human resources as men to increase agricultural productivity in the form of crops and livestock products. Our company will work with donor agencies and micro credit organizations to establish projects that focus on empowering women to get more involved in agricultural value chains to increase food productivity and improve marketing of their produce. Empowerment of women benefits not only the women themselves but also their families and communities. Their engagement in agriculture will translate into food and dairy production that will ensure infant and maternal health, which will reduce infant and child malnutrition and mortality. In turn, this translates into improved health and general education for their children, entire households and communities.

A.M. Ventures will also partner with community-based organizations along the Kenyan coast to increase agricultural assets that women can control. Our company recognizes the role of institutions and access to assets in shaping livelihood choices by women. Women describe agriculture as the principal route out of food insecurity, and also as a means to a stable livelihood. Our company is committed to increasing the support necessary for women so that they may produce enough food for their families, communities, and nation.
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