A.M. Ventures EOI Approved
The Government has approved the construction of a 2.2 megawatts hydroelectric power generation plant on River Kapkateny on the slopes of Mt Elgon in Bungoma County.
A.M. Ventures realizes how the economic realities and basic needs of most Kenyan families have taken their toll on the country’s environment through wanton destruction of indigenous trees and forest cover, endangering vital resources such as water in the process. The company seeks to augment the efforts of Kenyans and friends of Kenya who have taken steps to protect the country’s environment in various ways.

Through the cultivation of fast maturing trees, A.M. Ventures intends to shift consumer attention away from indigenous trees and forests and provide them with alternative sources of wood. A.M. Ventures hopes that commercially cultivated trees will help to reduce the onslaught on government forests, especially in river catchment areas, as they provide an alternative for firewood and produce timber for construction, carpentry and other needs.
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