A.M. Ventures EOI Approved
The Government has approved the construction of a 2.2 megawatts hydroelectric power generation plant on River Kapkateny on the slopes of Mt Elgon in Bungoma County.
Education is a vital component of the economic development of any country. Under the Human Resource Development section of its economic blueprint, Vision 2030, “Kenya intends to create a globally competitive and adaptive human resource base to meet the requirements of a rapidly industrializing economy.” This means that the country will need to revamp its education system to ensure quality education and training to satisfy the human resource requirements of the new economy.

Kenya already has universal free primary school education. This has seen enrollments in primary schools increase dramatically, which has meant more primary school children qualifying for limited secondary school places. A.M. Ventures will build good quality and affordable secondary schools in targeted locations to help create more places for primary school children who qualify for secondary school admission. A.M. Ventures secondary schools will specifically focus on children with academic promise but who miss admission into government secondary schools for no fault of their own, and cannot afford high cost private schools.

Initially, A.M. Ventures will launch its education projects on the coast of Kenya and target female students. There are limited schooling opportunities in this part of Kenya, where girls are not afforded the same education opportunities as boys. In fact, many girls are forced into teen pregnancies and early marriages, essentially denying them a chance at a good, prosperous future. A.M. Ventures schools will also double as adult education centers to offer community education and sensitize parents to the importance of giving their children, especially girls, a good education.
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