A.M. Ventures EOI Approved
The Government has approved the construction of a 2.2 megawatts hydroelectric power generation plant on River Kapkateny on the slopes of Mt Elgon in Bungoma County.
As Kenya actively pursues the “Newly Industrialized Country” status under its Vision 2030, infrastructure will play a central role in the country’s attainment of this objective and overall economic development. The country’s newly devolved system of government places heavy responsibility for the development of infrastructure on the governments of the devolved county units. Roads, bridges, water and sanitation systems, and public buildings will need to be built, upgraded and maintained, especially at the county government level. A.M. Ventures will pursue constructive partnership with strategically selected county governments so the company can play a key role in the development of the infrastructure of those counties. A.M. Ventures will bank on its policy of quality work to convince the counties about its professionalism and reliability of its workmanship.
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